DeSalvo has a brief history of criminal records, which started at a very early age. He was 29 years old when he was charged for 13 serial murder cases of women lived in the Boston area. These serial murders ended up his criminal story, as he was punished by a life sentence. But before these crimes, there is a huge history of criminal activities and imprisonments in prisons. This criminal history was consisted of breaking and entering. 

He was imprisoned in prison for the first time because of a bizarre series of activities in which he pretended that he is a model scout, knock the ladies’ door and do sexually-oriented mischievousness. Apparently, this was a harmless crime albeit of that he spent 18 months in prison as a punishment. Because of his odd upbringing and familial background he spent time in prison for violence-related activities and many petty crimes. His father was an alcoholic and beat up his mother often. He learned hardness and dominance towards women from him, which played an essential role in his commitment to serial crimes. 

This tragic history also developed psychopathic tendencies in him, which made him “The Boston Strangler”.  He was also discharged from the army for not obeying the rules. He was also imprisoned in a petty crime of burglary when he confessed about the serial murders, and admitted that he is “The Boston Strangler”. All in all, he had a huge history of criminal activities like breaking, entering, sexual mischievous and burglary.  In his last criminal series, he murdered 13 women by strangling them after sexual assault. He murdered these women without any age discrimination as he murdered a 75 years old woman and also a 19-year-old girl. 

His intention behind that was totally sexual as he found them attractive. This verbatim declared that he was a mentally ill person, highly antisocial and with disturbing sexual orientation. His large series of crimes were also on the same pattern as all were killed by strangling in their own apartments or living places. He did these crimes very smartly as the secret of his criminal activities was opened up with his confession. Without his confession that case was a mysterious challenge for all the legislative departments of the Boston area.