Earlier there was no evidence related to the case of “The Boston Strangler”. Many investigations were carried out by special detectives and investigators for that case. But all in vain, because there was no physical evidence and mark ups of forced entries were present. The first murder of Anna E. Šlesers, was suspected as suicide but after investigation of two homicide detectives named James Mellon and John Driscoll, it was found a murder after sexual assault.

After two weeks, another murder was reported with same nature, sexually assaulted and then strangled. One after other cases with the same pattern was reported and all were declared as burglary, despite any financial loss. Detectives were unable to understand the reasons behind these murders and also the evidence about the murderer. After 4 sequential murders, it was profiled that the murderer is a psychopath who doesn’t have good relations with his mother.

This was strengthened when another murder of 75 years old lady happened. Until the 12 murders, unsuspected forensic profiling of the suspect was the only thing the police and investigators had. The case took a new turn when the last and 13th murder was done by the psychopathic murderer. The DNA evidence of the last victim Mary Sullivan, helped to resolve and identify the murderer. Every investigation failed to identify the evidences of serial crimes. On October, 27 or the same year (when last murder was reported of the Boston strangler), a person named DeSalvo was arrested in a case of a motorist with car trouble. He was not suspected as “The Boston strangler” initially. During his imprisonment and his mental state, he was admitted to Bridgewater State Hospital for the psychiatric report, where he struck up in friendship with an intelligent and dangerous inmate named George Nassar.

DeSalvo told him that he is the murderer of The Boston Strangler murders. His confession was turning evidence for the police. At the first stage, it was not believed that he was the murderer, but after the attorney’s investigation and his confession gave solid evidences about his offense. He explained the crime scenes with great detailing, which astonished the investigators. After his confession, his DNA was also matched with the last victim’s DNA which proved that he was the murderer of The Boston Strangler.

There was no prior, physical evidence that proves his guilt as murderer. It was also found that he had a criminal background with cases of robbery and sex offenses in which he was named as “The Green Man” and “The Measuring Man”, but these were also not suspected him as a serial murderer. In spite of all this evidence and confession, there were so many doubts about him as a murderer because the people who know him or worked with him didn’t believe in that allegation.