Victims in “The Boston Strangler” Case

There were 13 women aged from 19 to 85 from Boston area in from 1962 to till 1964. All the victims were murdered at same pattern the signature of the murderer was to strangle them in their own apartment. There was another common factor in all murders was sexual assault of all victims. The details about the victims and how they got murdered are given below:

Sr. No Name of the Victim Age Address Date of Murder Nature of murder
1 Anna E. Šlesers 56 years Third-floor apartment at 77 Gainsborough Street, Fenway, Boston June 14, 1962 The victim was sexually assaulted by an unknown, object after that she was strangled in the bathrobe with a belt. She was the first victim of the series of “The Boston Strangler”.
2 Mary Mullen 85 years Victim’s apartment at 1435 Commonwealth Ave., Boston June 28, 1962 The apparent cause of her death was heart attack. But after arrest of Desalvo, he confessed that the victim was collapsed when he caught her.
3 Nina Nichols 68 years Victim’s home at 1940 Commonwealth Ave., Boston June 30, 1962 She was also sexually assaulted. After assault  she was strangled with her nylon stockings
4 Helen Blake 65 years Victim’s home at 73 Newhall St., Lynn, Massachusetts June 30, 1962 As per nature of early murders in this murder the victim was also sexually assaulted and strangled with her nylon stockings
5 Ida Irga 75 years Victim’s apartment at 7 Grove Street, Beacon Hill, Boston August 19, 1962 Ida Irga the fifth victim of The Boston Strangler was sexually assaulted and strangled at her own place.
6 Jane Sullivan 67 years Victim’s home at 435 Columbia Road, Dorchester, Boston August 21, 1962 She was also sexually assaulted and after assault was strangled with her nylon stockings at her place.
7 Sophie Clark 20 years Victim’s apartment at 315 Huntington Ave., Fenway, Boston December 5, 1962 The victim was sexually assaulted as the prior victims were. And she was also strangled with her nylon stockings
8 Patricia Bissette 23 years Victim’s home at 515 Park Drive, Fenway, Boston December 31, 1962 Patricia Bissette also a victim of “The Boston strangler”  was  strangled with her nylon stockings
9 Mary Brown 69 years Victim’s apartment at 319 Park Ave., Lawrence, Massachusetts March 6, 1963 She was raped first, and then strangled by the offender.  Evidences showed that she was beaten and later was stabbed to death.
10 Beverly Samans 23 years Victim’s home at 4 University Road in Cambridge, Massachusetts May 6, 1963 She was stabbed to death
11 Evelyn Corbin 58 years Victim’s home at 224 Lafayette St., Salem, Massachusetts September 8, 1963 The offender first raped the girl and strangled her with her nylon stockings
12 Joann Graff 23 years Victim’s apartment at 54 Essex St., Lawrence, Massachusetts November 23, 1963 She strangled her with her nylon stockings
13 Mary Sullivan 19 years Victim’s apartment at 44-A Charles St., Boston January 4, 1964 The last victim was also raped  and then strangled with  nylon stockings

All the mentioned information was reported in the early investigation of the investigators from first victim till last.